Why office furniture can use panel furniture

Panel office furniture is office furniture made of composite panels. The advantage of this product is that the type and color of the panel can be selected at will. The base material of panel office furniture is artificial board, what is called artificial board. Artificial board is the leftover material of wood in the production process, which is mixed with other fibers. There are many types of artificial boards, including plywood, medium density board, wood-based board, wood board, flame retardant board, etc.


Although panel office furniture is not as distinctive as solid wood furniture, panel furniture also has many advantages. Panel office furniture has become a new family of office furniture types with the advantages of novel styles, bright colors, clear mahogany grain, no deformation, no cracking, insect resistance, and moderate price.


Panel office furniture uses metal parts and rubber parts as tightening and fixing parts. The hardware parts are required to be sensitive, lubricated, and the surface of the furniture should be well treated. There should be no rust spots, pits, etc. The rubber parts should have good-looking design and bright colors. The actual position in the application should have range and elasticity. It should not be too single-proof. The open-type fixing parts should be sensitive to rotation. It's stable, easy, and no rubbing noise when you push it open.


Panel office furniture is made from the leftovers of wood, so the price level of panel office furniture is much more cost-effective than solid wood office furniture. Due to its high relative density, panel office furniture will not deform and has strong compression resistance. Therefore, it is durable, and the panel office furniture can be disassembled, so the transportation level is very convenient.


Panel office furniture has many choices of color palette. When purchasing office furniture, you can match the pattern and color of the decorative panel according to the simple decoration of the office workplace, which also satisfies young people's humanized pursuit of office workplaces.

5.Diverse styles

Panel office furniture has a lot of choices of finishes. When customizing office furniture, you can choose finishes with different textures and colors according to different office environment and office furniture matching, which meets the personalized needs of modern people for office furniture.

How to choose and maintain panel office furniture?

1. Smell

Because the panel office furniture is made of man-made panels, no matter what, it is inevitable to have the smell of formaldehyde or paint, so you can preliminarily judge whether the office furniture is worth buying by the nose.

2. Look at the details of office furniture

Tripoly hydrogen ammonia office furniture, mainly depends on the edge, if there is obvious edge burst at the interface between the edge and the plate, it means that the processing technology of the office furniture factory is obviously not enough.

3. Touch

Is the surface of the office furniture smooth and free of burrs? Does it feel good?

4. Quantity

Use a tape measure to measure the main functional dimensions of the office furniture.

5. Listen

Open the cabinet door, feel smooth, no sound. Pull the drawer without clogging.

6. Inquiry

Ask about the brand, quality grade, paint brand, hardware brand of the office furniture sheet, and check the manufacturer's situation.

How to maintain:

1. Stable placement The floor on which the panel office furniture is placed must be kept flat, and the four legs are balanced on the ground.

2. Dust removal It is best to use a cotton knitted cloth when removing dust from furniture, and then use a soft wool brush to remove dust from depressions or embossed decorations.

3. It is best not to place the furniture in direct sunlight. Frequent sun exposure will cause the paint film of the furniture to fade, the metal fittings are easy to oxidize and deteriorate, and the wood is easy to become brittle. It is best to use curtains to block the sun in summer to protect furniture

4. Indoor humidity is to maintain indoor humidity, do not let the furniture get wet. The humidifier should be used for a limited time in spring and autumn to prevent furniture from being damaged due to excessive humidity, such as wood decay, metal parts rusting, and bonding parts that are easy to open and detach.

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