Is the panel furniture good or not, is it low-end?

Many people despise panel furniture and think that solid wood furniture is high-grade furniture. However, panel furniture has long been different from the past. Today's panel furniture has made a leap in terms of quality and shape. Let's take a look.

Side cabinet with shelving, drawers, black side ca

First, the panel furniture makes full and effective use of wood: the panels are made of various wood residues as the main raw materials, and are processed through a certain industry, which reduces wood waste and improves the utilization rate. To a certain extent, it is also very environmentally friendly.

Side cabinet with shelving, drawers, black side ca

Second, it is convenient to disassemble and assemble: the plates of the panel furniture are usually connected by metal hardware, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The reason why IKEA was a blockbuster at the beginning of its establishment was largely because the panel furniture it chose was very rare at the time. Not only the raw materials were cheap, but also the transportation cost was greatly reduced, and the market share was rapidly increased.

Side cabinet with LED light shelving drawer black

Third, the production cycle is fast and the shapes are diverse: the various components of the panel furniture are mostly machined and manufactured, and the production speed is fast. The most important thing is that the shape design of the panel furniture is diversified, and the choice of veneers is so confusing, the color And the changes in texture will give people a variety of feelings. Now that home furnishing trends are changing faster than fashion, panel furniture is very suitable for young people who want to create a personalized home atmosphere.

Side cabinet with shelving, drawers, black side ca

Fourth, the shape is stable and not easy to be deformed: solid wood furniture is easily deformed by factors such as temperature and humidity, while the board of panel furniture breaks the original physical structure of wood, with stable structure, uniform density, and strong resistance to deformation. It is not greatly affected by temperature and humidity, so the furniture made will have a longer service life. Whether it is a dry place or a humid place, panel furniture is more adaptable to the environment.

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